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Hi, my name is Samantha and I work in the financial department at LaBelle Chiropractic. I have enjoyed working here for close to four years. I love coming to work everyday for the chance to meet and encourage people in the Upstate about the unlimited potential Chiropractic can have on their lives.

I moved here from Nashville, Tennessee almost 5 years ago after meeting my husband there where he was attending SAE, an audio engineering school. My husband Matt is a native of Greenville (which I hear is a really big deal around here) and we chose to move here after the birth of our beautiful daughter, Emma. We have 4 children total Christian, Josh, Emma and Big Frog (better known as our dog) and we love it here. The boys attend Wade Hampton High School, while one is planning on becoming a Mechatronics Engineer and attends Bonds Career Center half of his school day, the other is one of the million talented young athletes pursuing a career in professional Baseball, and like the rest of those parents we think he'll make it. As for the last child, the wonderful baby girl, she is five and I'm pretty certain she is the reason the sun shines.

I am looking forward to meeting you in our office the place that I call my second home and showing you why this could be a place to change your life as it did mine.